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My current body of work explores the idea of taking traditional landscape photography and reinterpreting it for a modern world. This is done through sculptural manipulation and creating works one can physically interact with. I am interested in taking something familiar, the landscape, and altering it enough so that it becomes something new while maintaining a memory of place. In my most recent work, I’ve been exploring the idea of extracting the familiarity of place even further through the addition of colored lenses, allowing viewers to alter the landscape on their own.

My last exhibited body of work, Land Röksun, was displayed in solo exhibitions at Hopkins Center for the Arts and Silverwood Park in 2017. The photographs in Land Röksun were taken at different points of natural interest across the country of Iceland. I wanted to study the amount of light that Iceland receives throughout the day and how I could interact with and alter the light within the landscape. I created geometric sculptures using darkroom contrast filters and placed them into the landscapes to capture and reflect the light. I photographically documented these experiments at different times throughout the day.

Since graduating from UW-River Falls in 2015 I have been an active participant in the Twin Cities community through group and solo exhibitions, residency programs, teaching artist opportunities, and advocating for the arts. For the past three years I have worked as a museum educator in Minneapolis by engaging the public with art.